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Utpb College Prowler Essay

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I have only visited there, but I will be attending in the fall. I am transferring from another university and I am excited to attend>
Very good school of business and very good career services department. I loved my accounting profs and career services does a great job of researching their careers topics and helped me find my first internship. They also have two job fairs per year.
I would like to change the organization of the University. Not everyone is on the same page but the professors are amazing and really care about your success.
It's clear that the staff at UTPB genuinely want to help students and see them succeed. It was a great experience. This school has plenty of options for those who need financial assistance as well.
It is a great university. The professors are great as well. It needs more student activities. It is a small university.
the representative was very polite and gave me good info about the school. I did a lot of research on the nursing program an I am really interested in it. the campus in Odessa is really beautiful and the Stonehenge gives the campus a unique feeling.
I felt that the University of Texas of the Permian Basin was extremely helpful in all regions of my enrollment process. They walked me through every aspect of it.
Try getting any help from the Grad studies department or financial aid - it is non existent.

Repeated phone calls and emails have gone completely unanswered. Finally decided I would attend somewhere that had the staff to answer questions and not just ignore their students.
I applied for one of their online graduate degree programs.

Their admissions staff is completely incompetent. They couldn't (or worse wouldn't) answer simple questions by email about the status of my application, so how am I supposed to trust their online instruction?

I ended up just paying an extra application fee to University of Texas Rio Grande instead. Got accepted, and everything is wonderful. I'm fortunate not to have wasted any more money on Permian Basin. It's a 3rd-rate institution.
This school has really helpful and supportive professors that will push you to do your best. The people are friendly here and it's easy to fit in with the diversity that's slowly been increasing.
This is a good university to attend if you aren't doing nursing. It's very small, the dorms are very nice, and it's close to a lot of restaurants and stores. The new nursing program, however, is horrible. They had a NLCEX pass rate of 9% one year and have fallen below 70% for the past 3 consecutive semesters. The program uses ATI, but doesn't teach it. They make you read about a procedure then perform it on your own without help. They are all also very hard to reach via phone, email, or office hours. DO NOT GO HERE FOR NURSING!!! Many of us have complained to the Dean, it got nowhere. We fill out the professor evaluations, and nothing changes. This program is also really close to losing its newly obtained accreditation already, so that should tell you something.
I loved that it was easy to get in contact with professors, inside and outside of class. Many of my professors were very understanding. Campus is not very big so it is easy to commute from class to class. There are also plenty of areas to study or relax. Overall this is a very nice campus for somebody who is attracted to smaller campuses.
I really like the community here in Odessa. Everyone seems to be friendly people. It helps with the adjustment to living in a new city. The one thing I want to change is the population at the school. I hope it grows a lot over the years.
Overall good experience. Some things need to be fixed and addressed within certain departments. If I also wasn't an employee, it would be hard to get these issues addressed. For the most part, faculty and staff are friendly and want to help you succeed.
Overall, UTPB is a great school. They offer many scholarships. They will work with you to find classes that fit your schedule.
I really like how my university is small yet diverse. This University is amazing for interacting and becoming close with people you may not have considered talking to you. We have students from all over the country, but even better, all over the world. The diversity is great for opening one's horizons and seeing different perspectives. The size is phenomenal for getting interpersonal interaction with professors and creating life-long friendships and relationships!
The thing that I like the most about this university is that it does have a college experience without actually having to move out of town. Most of the people in my classes I know and have gone to school. I would hope that this school could get bigger and add more people from all over instead of being such a small university.
This University is small enough where you don't feel like a number. You can go to any building on campus whether it be financial aid, registrar or admissions and you won't have to wait in a long drawn out line. You can take classes online as well on the campus. The professors and advisors are very courteous, attentive, and make your college years worthwhile. Not to mention, this University is very affordable. Very pleased to have earned my degree from UTPB!

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