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Esia Admissions Essay

Q: Can I defer admission?
A: The granting of deferrals is rare, but may be granted for a limited number of reasons such as the following:

1.Unique employment opportunity (including military orders)

2. Special fellowship program (Boren, Fulbright, etc.)

3. Family or medical emergency

Q: How do I request a deferral? 

A: Deferral requests should be made in writing, to Please be aware, documentation will be required to support any request for a deferral, and should be included in this email request. Students who cannot attend for reasons outside of the reasons above are encouraged to decline their offer of admission and reapply for a future semester.

Deferral requests should be made no later than May 1st for those admitted to a fall semester, and no later than December 1st for those admitted to a spring semester. Deferral requests after these dates will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Students admitted to our M.A. programs may only request a one-year deferral. 

If a deferral is granted, the student will need to submit a $1,000 non-refundable deposit. This deposit for those deferring to a fall semester will need to be made no later than May 30th, and for those deferring to spring semester the deposit should be made no later than December 30th . Members of the military community are not required to submit a deposit. Fellowship offers will not defer with you to a future semester. Students will be reconsidered for funding for the semester in which they enroll. Please note that funding is not guaranteed and consideration will be made given the applicant pool for the enrolling semester. 

The $1,000 deposit will be credited toward the student's first-semester tuition bill. However, should plans change and a student decides not to attend the Elliott School, they forfeit their deposit.

Please be aware that students admitted off the waitlist do not qualify for deferral approval.

To be eligible for admission, applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Applicants who have earned their degrees outside of the US must hold a degree equivalent a U.S., 4-year Bachelor's degree.

Most 3-year degree's outside of the Bologna processdo not meet this requirement. Please note, if a US 4-year Bachelor degree equivalency is not demonstrated, students will be required to provide a credential evaluation from a NACES approved organization, that certifies the coursework as meeting our requirement. 

You should upload unofficial transcripts in PDF format and in the correct, upright orientation to your application. Fall semester applications submited after December 31 must also include grades from the applicant's most recent fall semester.

Please see "Tips for Uploading Documents" below to ensure that documents will upload correctly and are in the correct format. You must submit a transcript, detailed marks certificate or comparable document in English (or with a certified English translation) that shows:

  1. The name of the institution,
  2. All coursework (name of courses),
  3. Grades for each course,
  4. Transcript legend/grading scale, and
  5. Proof of earned degrees from each institution you’ve attended.

This is required for all colleges and universities that you’ve taken courses at, regardless of whether or not you earned credit, the program was completed or the credit appears as transfer credit on another transcript. Required transcripts/documents to submit with your application include:

  • Bachelor institution
  • Other institutions
  • Community College
  • Study Abroad
  • Language immersion programs
  • Certifications
  • Military trainings

Please note that in the application, some schools may appear as "Unknown School."

If academic records are in a language other than English, a certified English language translation must be provided. The English translation alone can be uploaded into the online application. 

Official copies of each transcript sent directly from the institution (and certified English translations if applicable) will be required only if you enroll at GW. Check our blog to see what distinguishes official from unofficial transcripts.

Transcripts sent to our office via email must be sent to Transcripts emailed to a different address may not reach our office.

Transcripts sent to our office via post must be sent to 1957 E. St. NW, Suite 301, Washington, DC 20052. Transcripts mailed to a different address may not reach out office.

Uploaded transcripts must be true and accurate versions of the original documents. Uploading inaccurate records may result in application denial or dismissal from The George Washington University.