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My Dream City Navi Mumbai Essay

"They said Navi Mumbai wasn't Mumbai and yes, they were so true! Navi Mumbai is planned, it might not be the city of dreams but is surely the dream city.
I've lived for about 6 years in a place called Kharghar,in the Raigarh district of Navi Mumbai. I believe as every Navi Mumbaikar does that there is no comparison between the new and old city. While you have to pass the limelight that the main town brings, you get to slow down and satiate your eyes in the beauty that this part of the city is all about.

I've tried to explore on and off a lot of this city. What it brought to my palette was everything from gushing waterfalls, to quiet long walks on the wide roads overlooking distant plateaus. From small creeks to valley parks. It's a city with the best of both both worlds, of nature and hustle of people. It scorches you in every way that Mumbai does but soothes you with all it's beauty.

In monsoon the caterpillar grows beautifully into a butterfly. The city is surrounded by hills which have streams and waterfalls flowing from all over. 

The best offbeat haunts in Navi Mumbai:

Palm Beach Road : I remember when I first enetered the city I instantly fell in love with this road. The connecting road between Vashi and Belapur,it is vast stretch of road surrounded by some of the tallest residential complexes in Navi Mumbai on one side and never-ending stretches of Mangroves on the other side. While it is infamous for a lot of overspeeding accidents, but the sole pleasure of driving on this road is incomparable. And even better if you are pillion driver, since you get to sway away with the winds and breathe in view from each side.

Belapur-Uran Bridge : Uran being an industrial area is well of no swell purpose to us, though the bridge connecting C.B.D to Uran is. Watching the sun set and the lights fade away from the secluded bridge, enjoying the comforting silence with friends is one of the most beautiful memory that still remains etched in my heart.

Central Park +Golf course Road,Kharghar : Walk/drive from Utsav Chowk till Central Park is amazing. An evening bike to this area transports you to a different place altogether. The buildings cease to exist giving way to acres of green- the park, golf course and the hills going on forever.

Tip: Take the turn into the road saying "Driving Range" it's newly made and takes you to the backside of the golf course,which is a narrow ascending road that dissappears into the hills.

Kharghar Hills/Parsik Hill :
Heaven for all those who love to rise above the daily humdrum of our quagmired lives. You reach the top in ten minutes and see the city from a birds eye view, the city with all it's tiny bridges, crawling roads and sea shores. In monsoons the Kharghar Hills get closed due to landsliding, the Parsik  Hill is forever open. They've been times we've just gotten out to hike through the hills instead of killing time at home.

Gadheshwar Dam, Panvel : A beautiful  deserted picninc spot. The dam provides water to the city of Panvel.I went there on a bike -ride with a friend.The winding roads passed through many a small villages and the cool evening wind made sure to please the senses.The dam was shut and the water was still and quiet .A mile before, army men had posted there camps near the lake.

Gavanphata, Old Uran Road : This road leads you to the J.N.P.T (Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust). A drive to this area during monsoons is refreshingly pleasant. Take a fork in the road to the road not taken and stand by to soak the beauty of it all.

Valley Park, Belapur : I used to go out for lone-walks here. This is the place for people who would want to tread across a hill rather than a trek. The road winds through, overlooking a tiny valley. You can do a lot of bird watching here and find a few tiny gurgling streams during monsoons. Works wonders as a quick getaway from the madness of your day!

Pandavkada Waterfalls,Kharghar : Don't drift away with the flow of the water here which becomes dangerously treacherous during Monsoon. The trek to the falls is really nice and the waterfall is at a stone's throw from the Golf Course.(On the road to Central Park,Kharghar).

So many places to just disconnect from the mad-rush of our lives, that's why I fell love in with this city. Living on the 16th floor I could view the the artsy Kharghar Station filled up to the brim with tiny toy cars and bikes, paving way to the twisting and turning river on its backside backed by the splendid amount of green cover. In contrast to this there's the forever busy Mumbai-Pune Highway which is a sight to see at some lost rainy nights. When the lights burn out and you just see the water splashing from tyres illuminated by the beams of headlights. 

 I've shifted back to Delhi for the time being, but Navi Mumbai would always be a part of me. 

It is really a euphoric moment and moment of elation for every Navi Mumbaikar, who have found their city's name at the third position on the list of top 10 cleanest cities in the country. Navi Mumbai has been ranked among the cleanest cities in the country standing next to only Mysore (Karnataka) and Tiruchilapalli (Tamil Nadu).

After collecting basic information about cities having more than one lakh population, the Union Urban Development Ministry shortlisted 476 of them on the basis of their cleanliness. In the next stage it selected top 100 cities assigning those ranks. Finally, it prepared a list of top 10 cities where Navi Mumbai was ranked at No. 3 position.
The list was prepared on the basis of facilities available for water supply, sewerage system, garbage disposal, cleanliness at public buildings and protection of environment.
I remember few months back when there were evaluations going on around one year tenure of Narendra Modi government at the Centre, people used to post garbage pictures on their social networking pages with a tag line…Modi's Swachch Bharat. They were finding fault in everything Mr. Modi was doing and criticising him as if Indian PM should only come and clean the garbage. Thank god! We, the Navi Mumbaikar's, are not like that.

I shifted to Navi Mumbai few years back from Delhi with a lot of apprehensions. Actually it was the cleanliness, the cosmopolitan crowd and the lush green cover of the city that not only immediately removed all my doubts but also made me to fall in love with it…maybe a love at first sight kind. Later I found this city a "Tailor made" to everyone. It's like a piece of stretchable cloth where anyone can fit into. It has an amazing nature of catering everyone's need in terms of requirements, essentials, basic needs or luxury.

At the first sight I bet, any one will figure out the "cleanliness freak" in Navi Mumbaikars. It's not that it doesn't get dirty but it never likes to remain dirty.

Far from being a distant township once, Navi Mumbai at present is surely a happening city, which is fast transforming into an economic hub with booming industries like real estate, BPO, IT and others. In last few years it has substantially grown its number in population as well. Simultaneously the parallel problems of crime, corruption, cleanliness and the constraint like water supply, sewage system and garbage disposal is also growing.

But Navi Mumbaikars really know how to deal with such isues. They don't like to brood over problems rather look for solutions. It is quite evident if you surf the local news papers or big news papers, which have a special edition for Navi Mumbai, that they give space to citizens as well so that they can express their thoughts. On the citizen's page, everyday one will find concerns regarding cleanliness, crime, corruption etc. However, they are not cynical but constructive. I have been following them from the day I came here. Much before the launch of PM Modi's pet project - Swachch Bharat Abhiyan.

The local problems should be addressed to the local authority…Right. Many forget that. But Navi Mumbaikars direct their concern to NMMC.

I must applaud NMMC, which is under NCP rule since last 20 years, for its efforts to deal with every day problems of the citizens and their locality. If public have expressed their concerns regarding any issue, NMMC has made it sure that it addressed. It's not like public grievance or concern falling on deaf ears.

NMMC not only has always tried to find out solutions for water supply, drainage or waste management, but also it has encouraged people to be alert, vigilant and communicative.

So I can say it's a combine effort of Public as well as NMMC of Navi Mumbai to make the city "safe and clean", which has added dual gain for them- cleanliness and prestigious status (third cleanest city in the country).

Those who think its politics or politicians who need to be blamed for anything going bad should wake up now. Because it is also the responsibility of people of a particular area to keep their city clean and crime and corruption free. At least Navi Mumbaikars believe in that.

Kudos to Navi Mumbaikars and NMMC …once again! The constructive complaints, criticism by public were dealt effectively by the NMMC.

Along with a citizen's dream city, now Navi Mumbai has also become a proud city. And I'm a proud Navi Mumbaikar!

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