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991 WordsOct 6th, 20124 Pages

Topic: Breast Cancer
Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about breast cancer
Pattern of Organization: Topical Order

A. Attention Grabber: I’m sure many of you know of or have heard of Giuliana Rancic. Well if not, she is a news anchor for the tv channel E! and often co-hosts red carpet events such as the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. Giuliana is a very busy and successful woman and on top of everything that she juggles, last October she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Soon after finding out that Giuliana had cancer, she underwent a lumpectomy, which was unsuccessful in getting rid of all the cancer cells. Following that she was faced with a very painful surgery called a double mastectomy along…show more content…

[Transition: Now that you have an idea of what breast cancer is and how common it is, I will tell you some options in early detection and diagnosis.]
B. Main Point 2: Early detection with breast cancer can be the difference between mild or harsh treatments and even often times life or death.
1. There are many types of breast exams that can be preformed: Clinical exams, self-exams at home and the most effective exam would be a mammogram.
2. Since breast cancer is more common in older women, it is encouraged to have a routine check-up starting at age 40, however if it runs in your family it can be promoted at as young of an age as 25. [Transition: I’ve explained why it is important to detect early signs of breast cancer, now I’m going to tell you some of the procedures and treatment that are preformed after being diagnosed.]
C. Main Point 3: Depending on the stage of cancer, treatments can vary. I will be telling you a few important facts provided by to know going into treatments and also the different types.
1. One of the most important factors in treatments is finding a doctor that you can feel comfortable around and satisfied with in terms of his/her opinion. This is because cancer is such an emotional process and you want to be able to feel personable with your doctor.
2. Standard treatments and Clinical trials are both used

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