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Safety On The Road Essays

A very good morning to teachers and fellow friends. I’m Dev Kukreja & today, I’m going to throw light on the topic ”road safety essay”. As we know, there has been an increase in the accidents reported involving students of this school. I hope this talk will raise your awareness to be more responsible and careful when using the importance road.

Road Safety Articles

I would like to identify some of the reasons why road accidents occur. First, speeding beyond the prescribed limits is the main cause. Some drivers not only speed but also drive recklessly, breaking road rules and beating the traffic lights. Moreover, drivers who are tired after long distance driving or after a long day work, may not be able to concentrate on the road, thus causing accidents. Youngsters using the road as their racing track is another cause too. Drivers who do not check and maintain their vehicles often may be involved in accidents because their vehicle is faulty. Many potholes and uneven roads which contribute to the poor condition of the road too can cause accidents.

However, these problems can be overcome with strict enforcement of traffic rules to those who flaunt the law. The offenders should be caught and fines should be increased. Only road-worthy vehicles, which have been maintained well, should be permitted on the paragraph on roads. Awareness campaigns on safe driving should be carried out everywhere. Since young drivers are high on the accident list, their age limit should be increased. If the drivers are involved in any accidents, their licence should be suspended.

I hope the short talk that I have delivered have given you some ideas of how to use the essay on road safety. Thank you for listening.

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Hey hey so the previous speech went great and now they want me to do another one -_-
Anyways the topic is road safety and it is aimed to inform the students about road safety (no driving , just stuff like crossing the road and etc etc)

Good Morning,

Today im here to present a speech on the topic road safety.Everyday many people are involved in road accidents. Some are killed. Many more are injured. Vehicle accidents are a very big cause of death in our society, and where the government is often called upon to improve safety.
About 63% of deaths in Abu Dhabi are from road accidents.The number of road deaths in Abu Dhabi has fallen by 16 per cent during the first portion of the year, compared to the same period last year.Since the start of the year, there have been 54 deaths compared to 64 last year.Serious injuries were down from 72 to 38 — a 47 percent decrease. Globally, Abu Dhabi Emirate has one of the world’s highest rates of road deaths.There are an average of 38 deaths per month due to fatal road traffic injuries in Abu Dhabi Emirate The main cause of death among children 0 to 14-year-olds is fatal injuries, of which 63% are traffic related. Stop accidents before they stop you. Traffic safety has significantly improved in Abu Dhabi over the past five years. Fatalities caused by run-over accidents dropped by 54 per cent, traffic accidents by 40 per cent, fatalities caused by traffic accidents by 35 percent, and serious injuries decreased by 50 percent between 2010 and 2015. Vehicle accidents are a very big cause of death in our society, and where the government is often called upon to improve safety. Moreover, traffic-related fatalities decreased by 59 percent per 100,000 inhabitants, despite the increased number of registered vehicles by 12 per cent over the period.

Pedestrians must be aware of these potentials for danger whenever they take to the roads, and must do their part to follow safety laws. A pedestrian can be responsible for their injuries when they ignore the “walk” signal at an intersection or choose to not use the designated crosswalk areas to cross the road or intersection. A pedestrian is also likely to be involved in an accident when he or she darts in front of a vehicle, doesn’t wear the reflective gear at night, or disrupts the normal flow of traffic. Always look both ways when you're about to cross. Also, you should always use Zebra crossing. Stay on the pavement and never stand to close to the kerb. Use your eyes and ears, look out and listen out for any vehicles around you. Do not cross at road bends, your visual field is limited in this part of the road. You cannot see incoming vehicles, and drivers cannot see you. Always wait for the bus to stop completely, be alert of oncoming traffic when you step out of a vehicle. Be seen, Be Safe. Try and carry some reflective materials so that drivers can see you from a distance. Stop signs should never be ignored, but when they are, serious car accidents are often the result. Each year, thousands of car accidents occur because one driver ran a stop sign. Many rollover accidents and side-impact car accidents result from drivers that run stop signs. You should always look both ways when proceeding through a stop sign.

As the roads are very busy nowadays, we should be very careful when crossing one. It is safer to use a pedestrian crossing or an overhead bridge whenever one is available. Using a bicycle can be dangerous too. We must pay attention to the road and never cycle too far out to the middle of the road. We must obey all traffic rules. Also, we must make sure our bicycles are in good condition with working brakes, lights etc.

These are some things we can do to avoid accidents. However, there is no guarantee that we will never be involved in one. The important thing is to stay alert at all times while using the roads. We must know what is happening around us. In that way, we can take necessary action to avoid danger whenever we see one. Road safety is very much up to how we use the roads.Use them carefully and we may be able to use them for a long time. Use them carelessly and we may never be able to use them again. Stop accidents before they stop you as life doesn't have Reset button.

Thank you