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Customer Relationship Management Case Study 2013

Viewing BMW's CRM systems can help you to decide the type of customer relationship management tools you need in your company.

Customer Relationship Marketing tools can be the best way to interact more effectively with your customers, and improve your services or products. However, in the case of a company such as BMW, CRM can also provide assistance with clever product promotions and in creating an aura of exclusivity for the brand.

BMW Overview

BMW are one of the most well-known car manufacturers, and are prized by customers for their exclusivity and the quality of their finished products. They produce luxury cars and other vehicles for a very limited market, and tend to attract greater customer loyalty than other multinational businesses. As BMW deal with a smaller and more brand aware range of customers, relationship management is an essential part of their overall product. Therefore, collecting customer information and improving the promotion-to-customer ratio is extremely important.

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