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Neziri Pain Dissertation


Throughout the dissertation ‘reflex’ denotes the nociceptive withdrawal reflex when nothing else is mentioned.

This dissertation is in part based on the following peer-reviewed papers, which are referred to as I–VIII in the text:
I. Andersen, O.K., Jensen, L.M., Brennum, J. & Arendt-Nielsen, L. 1994. Evidence for central summation of C and A nociceptive activity in man. Pain59, 273–280.
II. Andersen, O.K., Sonnenborg, F.A. & Arendt-Nielsen, L. 1999. Functional organization of human leg withdrawal reflexes elicited by electrical stimulation of the foot sole. Muscle Nerve22, 1520–1530.
III. Andersen, O.K., Graven-Nielsen, T., Matre, D., Arendt-Nielsen, L. & Schomburg, E.D. 2000. Interaction between cutaneous and muscle afferent activity in polysynaptic reflex pathways – a human experimental study. Pain84, 29–36.
IV. Arendt-Nielsen, L., Sonnenborg, F.A. & Andersen, O.K. 2000. Facilitation of the withdrawal reflex by repeated transcutaneous electrical stimulation: an experimental study on central integration in humans. Eur J Appl Physiol81, 165–173.
V. Andersen, O.K, Sonnenborg, F.A. & Arendt-Nielsen, L. 2001. Reflex receptive fields for human withdrawal reflexes elicited by non-painful and painful electrical stimulation of the foot sole. Clin Neurophysiol112, 641–649.
VI. Andersen, O.K., Sonnenborg, F., Matjacic, Z. & Arendt-Nielsen, L. 2003. Reflex receptive fields for human withdrawal reflexes in symmetrical standing position elicited by painful electrical stimulation of the foot sole. Exp Brain Res152, 434–443.
VII. Andersen, O.K., Finnerup, N.B., Spaich, E.G., Jensen, T.S. & Arendt-Nielsen, L. 2004. Expansion of nociceptive withdrawal reflex receptive fields in spinal cord injured humans. Clin Neurophysiol115, 2798–2812.
VIII. Andersen, O.K., Spaich, E.G., Madeleine, P. & Arendt-Nielsen, L. 2005. Gradual enlargement of human withdrawal reflex receptive fields following repetitive painful stimulation. Brain Res1042, 194–204.

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